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Every individual or business must consider relocation at one point or another. Why not make your move as smooth as possible and ensure that your belongings are in capable hands? Moving within, or far from, Tampa Bay needn’t be stressful when you enlist the services of the experienced moving professionals at 3 Men No Truck.






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A Full Range Of Moving Services

The 3 Men No Truck crew is available to plan your move, organize packing, safely transport your belongings and set you up at your new location with ease.

Need storage? No problem! We handle commercial or residential moves from start to finish, or provide only the services you need. 3 Men No Truck professionals always adhere to the highest safety standards in the industry and work closely with clients to fulfill any requirement.

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Local or Long Distance Moves

Whether you are moving within St.Petersburg or outside of it we are there to make sure all of your property is transported without incident. We map out our routes to make sure that your belongings are on the road for as short a time as possible. When we wrap and pack our clients can rest assured that we always have a focus on how to best protect any fragile objects.

Residential Movers

A room, an apartment or a whole house, we have you covered. We can label all of the boxes so that your unpacking process isn’t slowed down by having to open up every box to find what you are looking to unpack.

Commercial Movers

Moving an office is not an easy task. It takes no small amount of planning to make sure that all the desks and equipment are clearly labeled and organized so that everything is delivered to where it needs to be. We understand that our St.Petersburg clients need their businesses moved swiftly so that they can get back to work as soon as possible because time is money.


Great Job, Great Price!

I've known and worked with this company for the past year. They are truly good people and really care about what they do. It's hard to find companies that are willing to go above and beyond, but I feel this company is one that does so. Thanks for all you do and all your help!

- Justin Durant


We hired these two wonderful people to come pack up our entire house. It was total chaos before they came and within a short amount of time they had organized everything by room and no more chaos. I was a bit overwhelmed with everything that needed to be packed but with their professionalism and thoroughness I completely calmed down and even relaxed!! I cannot recommend these guys highly enough. They handled some rather complex packing issues with ease and really knew how to pack the stuff perfectly. They really saved the day!! Thank you so much!!

- Kate Scott-Douglas

Excellent Service!

These guys were top-notch. Unloaded my freight in 42 mins and didn't damage anything. Also helped me put together my chest of drawers, bed, and lamp. Huge thank you for professional service and making my move to Florida easy. Despite the fact that my shipment details were questionable and I was unsure when or if I would get my shipment on time......... These guys were available and ready to go ASAP. Hugely appreciated.

- Tyler Smith